Agri-Investment Services Past Sold's


Container yard nursery with many options. Irreplaceable water rights from wells, reservoir and TVID. Irrigation and recapture system. 5900 Sq. Ft. office building. Field office and storage. Fully fence and gated. Complete package available upon request. Additional acreage available.


Prime farmland sold for fantastic clients. This was a nice sized farm with a combination of hill and terrace soils. The property was suitable for a vineyard, hemp farm, orchard grass, hazelnut trees, and more. 



This was a flat upper terrace farm with county roads on three sides. The south field is fallow. An oats planting was sprayed out. The north field had annual ryegrass. The property has a history of annual ryegrass production. Soils were mostly Dayton silt loam. There was a rambler style residence in the southeast corner being rented out.


This was a great farm with 44 acres of producing Marion Berries. Irrigated from 100 gpm well. This was a fantastic opportunity to acquire a property that would generate an income.